Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Collect and Buy Art: The Basics

I think everyone should have original art. It inspires and entertains, it can lift us up or take us to new places. It is not as complicated as we think and it is fun. Start small and work up. Every year Silicon Valley Open Studios is your chance to visit artists in their studios and shared spaces during the first three weekends in May. Discover the tremendous diversity and wealth of artistic talent in this creative valley.
2011 is our 25th Year! If you are not close to silicon valley, there are open studio events in almost every community.


  1. click on the title for link to atricle

  2. I have been purchasing original art from artist friends for about 10 years now. I also collect limited edition artist hand-bound books. I keep all this artwork in my office, where looking at it all keeps me inspired. Even if I don't make enough time to do art, I can enjoy it every day.